100% Cotton 

Anti- Allergenic| Anti Dust

In the materials used, the base is generally 100% cotton, and the surface is also cotton.
Usually the printed method is used, the edge overlocks and fringes are attached by hand.

The most important feature of my rugs is this: on the one hand, they have a vintage and oriental style in appearance and pattern, and they have anti-allergic and easy-to-clean features thanks to the possibilities of modern technology.


Old carpets are usually wool and hold dust, trigger allergies and are difficult to wash. These rugs, due to their synthetic structure, do not repel dust and dirt, can be washed in the washing machine without a spin program, and can be easily cleaned with a cloth and a vacuum cleaner.

While we offer the customer a wealth of classic vintage patterns, we also offer the opportunity to be easy to clean and dust-free.